Frequently asked questions

Personal Chef Services

Do you have to cook in my home?

I understand it can be a little weird to have someone cook in your home, but this is my career, and I am a professional. We can always meet beforehand, or you can be home when I'm crafting your custom meals! I like the relationships I form with my clients, and I always look forward to chatting! If it isn't possible to prepare in your home, just let me know.

Why are groceries extra?

Good question! I always want to prepare the absolute best meals I can for my clients - exactly how they want them. Sometimes this means special ingredients, and sometimes it doesn't. I prefer to let you decide rather than charging extra if it isn't necessary. You're in control of what is spent in any case!

How do I save 10% on my first order?

That's just a given! You'll automatically save 10% with your first Personal Chef Service to make help make sure we're a good fit for eachother.

Weekly Meal Service

Is this a subscription service?

Nope! You decide how frequently you want to order! Just remember - when you commit to ongoing service (3 or more consecutive orders), you'll save $10 per order!

Can I substitute ingredients?

Unfortunately not. Because of the volume of the service, it simply isn't feasable to keep track of custom requests. Sorry! If this is what you need, check out the Personal Chef Services!

How can I save $10 an order?

That's easy! With 3 consecutive weekly orders (or more), you'll save $10 each time on each of the 4 serving packages. Just let me know!

How do I subscribe for ongoing service?

Just drop me a line! Don't forget - you'll save $10 per order with a minimum of 3 consecutive weekly orders on each of the 4 serving packages!

How do I cancel service?

Just let me know - please allow a minimum of 5 days notice so your reserved spot can be given to the family next in line. If you need to suspend your service, same goes!

Can I suspend service?

Absolutely! Just give 5 days notice (or more), so your spot can be replaced.

Can I pick up my meals instead of having them delivered?

Unfortunately, not. Given the volume of the service, coordinating pick up times along with production and deliveries is unfeasible at this time.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, a minimum order of $50 must be placed to reserve your spot.