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Black Shallot's Weekly Meal Service is an affordable option to get fully-prepared, balanced, wholesome meals on the table!

Choose from 5 weekly selections with gluten-friendly, dairy-free, and vegetarian or vegan options, each with single, double, or family-style servings.



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How It
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The Menu

New menus each week; order by Friday by 10am.

Your Order

Complete the form or send an email to place your order.


Deliveries occur on Sundays between 10am and 6pm.

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2 Meals

2 servings | $50

4 servings | $89

Healthy Snack

3 Meals

2 servings | $65

4 servings | $109


4 Meals

1 serving | $50

2 servings | $85

4 servings | $139

Fish Appetizer

5 Meals

1 serving | $65

2 servings | $105

4 servings | $169

  • Each week up to 5 meals with gluten-friendly, dairy-friendly, vegetarian and vegan options are available to order, with single, double, and family-style portions (4 servings). Meals are packaged in single or double portions.  

  • This is NOT a subscription service! Order weekly, biweekly, monthly, or whenever you need help! If you would like ongoing service, just let us know, and you'll save $10 per order (on all 4 serving packages, with a minimum of 3 consecutive, weekly orders).

  • The meals are fully prepared and simply require heating to serve to take advantage of enjoying meals at their highest quality. No recipe cards or meal prep required! 

  • Most meals are freezer-friendly and will be labeled with storage and heating instructions.

  • Order deadline is Friday by 10am for Sunday delivery.

  • Weather permitting, deliveries occur on Sundays; a $10 delivery fee will be applied - a surcharge may apply if outside of delivery area. Delivery range is 10am-6pm, but a guaranteed time cannot be provided. 

  • Due to volume, the Weekly Meal Service cannot accommodate allergies, special requests, restrictions, or substitutions.

  • A note about our Gluten-Friendly selections: While every attempt is made to avoid allergens and contaminants, our facility is not gluten-free. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee no cross contamination within our products. 

What you need to know

The Weekly Meal Service is our most popular offering, and it sells out quickly.

To avoid a waitlist, book early! 

save           with 
ongoing service !


on each of the 4 serving packages!

A note about our selections:

While every attempt is made to avoid allergens (gluten, dairy, nuts, etc.) where indicated, our facility is not allergen-free. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee no cross contamination within our products. 

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order by Friday at 10am !